Do you have an impact on your clients?

Do you understand your clients' challenges well enough to offer them solutions? Do your employees focus on selling added value? Do the test to find out where you stand compared to ‘best in class’ B2B companies.

Do the test and see your benchmark

Your HR policy and business strategy

Does your HR policy support your business strategy? Do you have motivated, ambitious workers and can you retain your talented employees? Discover your organization's strengths and possible points for improvement. If you don't score very well, you’ll be offered an initial recommendation for getting the most out of your employees while also giving them more satisfaction.

Do the test and see your benchmark

About Perpetos

We supervise B2B organizations working on their dynamics, competitiveness, productivity and growth. We design your entire organization to meet the needs of the customer and increase your corporate performance through transformation projects in strategy execution, sales effectiveness, marketing alignment, leadership development and employee engagement.

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source: CSO Insights 2013


The sales process you need for more loyal customers

We recently had a visit from the American research bureau, CSO Insights. This company develops benchmarks for how best to utilize employees, processes and technology to optimize sales. It surveys over 1500 organizations all over the world every year to support this development. The survey repeatedly concludes that companies with formalized sales processes work their way up to being a strategic...

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amerika klein


Follow the Brits and Americans!

European start-ups would benefit from looking at their English-speaking counterparts’ approach. Brits and Americans tend to focus on promotion from day one. They make sure their target audience becomes aware of their product while continuing to develop it. Belgian start-ups, on the other hand, for example, will invest every last cent on product development in the hope that the product will then...

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Improve your sales with a better understanding of the buying cycle

Scientific research has shown that every buying cycle is a sequence of the same mental processes; almost as certain as a law of nature. Our Buying Clock is an easy way to see the willingness to buy of everyone involved in a potential sale: You can work out where the client is in Buying Clock by asking questions such as: Are 100% sure that the current situation has to change? What can you do with...

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